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              Dream Campaign

The 25 Dream Campaign is a 501(c)3 non--profit organization dedicated to educating the youth, building their spirits, their character and their drive in order that they achieve their 25 dreams. And just as the name suggests,  we encourage them to live their lives to achieve 25 Dreams, while being a source of light  in the world.   This, my friend, is the 25 Dream Campaign.  You too, no matter what age,  can be apart of the campaign. Make the comittment to live your life to achieve 25 Dreams!!!

The mission of The 25 Dream Campaign is to inspire the youth to live their 25 dreams and to encourage them to  be a source of light in their family, community and world.  We provide a monthly Source of Light grant award for youth ages 7-18.

The 25 Dreams Story

What is the meaning?

The founder, Megan Faux, went on an outing with her two children to the Natural History Museum, in Los Angeles, California. Her  children seemed to be fascinated with  wildlife, living or not. They enjoyed the tour of the museum, but towards the end of the tour they came upon a well. What do kids love to do at wishing wells? They love making wishes.   They asked  mom for a coin and of course she gave them each a coin. Then they wanted another and another and another. These kids had managed to strip mom of every coin she had in her purse, except one quarter.  She decided to use that quarter for herself.  She decided to make one wish..but it was a quarter.  And so she decided to  sit in front of  the well and make 25 wishes.


When she was done she knew she had to capture this moment. She quickly  gathered up her  children and headed home. When she  got there, she began feverishly typing  up her wishes like some sort of mad scientist. When she  was done she said "Yes!!! These are my 25 wishes!"  but they were more than just wishes to her "These are my 25 Dreams. "  From that day forward, she vowed to live her life to acheive 25 Dreams. From that day forward The 25 Dream Campagin was born.

Kids with Capes
Children Meditating

About The 25 Dreams Source of Light Grant


The Source of Light Grant award was a created out of the need for Founder and Director, to be a source of light in the world. After her divorce, she wanted nothing more than to recreate herself and become a beacon of light for anyone who was infected by her positive presence.  As time went on, the world just seem to grow darker and darker, for this reason she wanted others to also be a source of light in the world. So she created the Source of Light grant award   to encourage the youth to be a source of light in their family, community  and in the world.  By rewarding our youth for good deeds early in life, our hope is that they continue shining  throughout  their lives and change the world for the better. 

Meet the Founder & Director 

Meet the Board

Megan Faux , M.Ed The  Teaching Goddess 

Founder and Executive Director of the 25 Dream Campaign 

Educator, Author, Publisher Speaker, Business Coach,  Product Creation Strategist





Megan Faux is an entertainingly, inspirational storyteller and  a “Living  your Dreams” enthusiast who is positively touching  lives,  by  

encouraging,  educating &inspiring teens, women and  anyone who is infected by  her positive presence  to use education as a means  live their 25dreams.