Adopt-A-School Programs

The Seeds of Entreprenuership Program

The Seeds of Entreprenuership Program  plants the seeds of business ownership in our youth. The economic climate is changing rapidly. Jobs are becoming less and less available. Todays youth will be required to find ways to become financiallys self sustain. This program plants the seed and gives them the beginning tools.

The Red Flags Purple Ribbons Domestic Violence Prevention Program

This program meant for middle and high school students attempts to lessen the cases of violence in relationships, especiallys violence against women.  Students learn about the many faces of abuse, the types of abuse and tips on living  alife free of abuse.

The Business of Classic Cars, Low Riders and the Auto Accessory Industry

Many students  do not go to college. For those students, life can be very difficult. Many young men in urban communities who do not intend on going to college the the streets towards a life of crime. These young men often possess trade vocational skills relelvant to the auto industry. This program teaches them about the lucrative auto industry and how they can thrive and life free of crime.

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Multiplication Nation Workshop

The Multiplication Nation program provides students and teacher with a way to get students back on multiplication track. Many studens in urban communities do not learn all of their multiplication tables. This prevnts them from advancing in their math careers. These same students drop  out of school and are excluded from STEM Careers and STEM majors. This program gets them back on track in a fun and engaging manner.


STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Healthy Co-Parenting Program

In urban communities, many of the parental relationships are not healthy relationships for the children involved.  This educational workshop for young women and mothers teaches them how to create a healthy mindset  conducive to co-parenting. Each parent receives a copy of #ManFast written by author Max Laine.

Public Speaking Program

At school, at work and in life communication skills are a key to success.  Students must know how to speak effectively in multiple areas.  Public speaking and giving presentations is a definite part of success. We teach students how to choose a topic, develop a speech, and present a speech. Each students presents a speech and receives a certificate at the end.

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