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Creating Entrepreneurs School Tour

Creating entrepreneurs school touris the perfect to take our Plantingn seeds of Entrepreneurship program and the get the message out in a big way.  The economic climate is changing rapidly. Jobs are becoming less and less available. Todays youth will be required to find ways to become financiallys self sufficient. This reaches a wider audience and can change the lives of many.

The Red Flags Purple Ribbons Domestic Violence Prevention School Tour

The Red Flags Purple Ribbons Domestic Violence Prevention Multi- School Tour is  meant for middle and high school students.  Too many young women's livers are spiraling out of control or lives are being lost becuse of intimate partner abuse. There is an urgency to  lessen the cases of violence in relationships, especiallys violence against women.  Students learn about the many faces of abuse, the types of abuse and tips on living  alife free of abuse.  They receive a book as well.

Youth Business Conference

The Full Day  Youth Business Conference is a wonderful conference that exposes the youth to all sorts of businesses.  They dress up in business attire. They engage in break out sessions. They get business ideas, and here about why it is so important to incorporate business in their lives.

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Let's Raise A Multiplication Nation School Tour

The Let's Raise a Multiplication Nation Tour is a Districtwide School Tour  that demonstrates how students can multiply in a matter of minutes.  Many studens in urban communities do not learn all of their multiplication tables. This prevnts them from advancing in their math careers. These same students drop  out of school and are excluded from STEM Careers and STEM majors. This tour  gets them back on track in a fun and engaging manner. They are provided with the magical CD and accompnaying poster that makes this happen.


STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

#Reset Your Life Health and Wellness Fair

Sometimes it seems that life has thrown us one too many curve balls.  These curve balls send our lives spinning out of control.  When this happens we must stop and hit the reset button. This health and wellness fair is dedicated to empowering women to reset their minds, bodies and spirits. They will inspirational speakers, have massages and visit the exhibitors floor with vendors who provide health and wellness products.

The Numeral Island Stage Play

Take a trip with us to a place called Numberal Island where numbers and music coalesce in a stage play that teaches children how to multiply. This entertaining educational play uses the music stylings of the Multiplication Nation CD to teach students how to multilply. Learning has never been so fun.

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