The Teaching Goddess


Giver Of  Dreams Dealing Education while Supporting Students  

Megan Faux, The Teaching Goddess, is a Giver of Dreams,  dealing education in order  that others may live their dreams. Faux is a  graduate of the  University of California  at Berkeley and  holds a Masters and Credential in Educational Administration. She is the mother of two blessings. Her daughter brought Faux her destiny and her son gave her the faith to pursue it. She is passionate about helping others live their 25 Dreams.

Who is  Megan Faux

The Teaching Goddess? 

Mother, Believer, Educator

Author, Speaker, Publisher, 

Founder, Executive Director

Product Creator, Concept Developer

Product Creation Strategist

Media Trainer, Songwriter

Workshop Creator,Idea Generator

Curriculum Developer, Leader

Lady, Goddess, Manifester

Community Advocate

Director and Founder of the 25 Dream Campaign

Megan Faux is a pillar in the  community, as  the Founder  & Director The 25 Dream Campaign,  she educates women and teens on domestic violence prevention and the qualities needed to achieve dreams. An advocate for the power of public speaking, Megan Faux also founded M.E.G. Talks Toastmasters, where she helped her community become better communicators and leaders. 

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Business Coach & Product Creation Strategist

Faux uses her education, experience,  and divinely downloaded gifts of creativity to coach other entrepreneurs  into product greatness.   Megan Faux is a multi-faceted coach  with a passion for  concept development and product creation which she uses to help entrepreneurs grow and glow.

Educator, Trainer, Workshop Developer 

Megan Faux has been in the education profession for over 20 years.  She began her career as a second grade teacher but spent  most of career and coaching teaching, business owners and district professionals  to improve their professional practices.  Her diverse experience as a coach and trainer allowed  her to develop her  wide and varied business expertise.

Author, Publisher

Faux is  the CEO of her own educational media (print music publishing ) company, 25 Dreams Media, Inc. through which she has authored three books, produced professional development products,  trainings and developed a multiplication intervention program that was featured on the front page of the WAVE newspaper.